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Endless Pawsabilities is here to deliver some of the best pet grooming services around town. We not only offer services for dogs and cats, we also offer small animal nail trims, and an array of other walk-in services. Our goal is to help you maintain your pets in a safe and happy environment. Your pets are our passion. Let us help you take proper care of them and schedule an appointment today!

*Proof of rabies vaccine is needed for cats & dogs above 6 months, before any services can be completed.


Bath and haircut package

Both bath and haircut packages for dogs include nail trim/nail buff, thorough ear cleaning, refreshing facial, anal gland expression, teeth brushing, invigorating bath and full blowout and brush out followed by a scented spritz. Haircuts can be tailored to whatever your style! Prices do vary between dog breeds, sizes and condition of coat, so get in touch with us today for a free consultation! 

Mini make-over package

Everything besides the bath in this one! Included is a nail trim/nail buff, teeth brushing, thorough ear cleaning, a thorough brushing and a freshening spritz.


Bath package

Bath packages for cats include nail trim, thorough ear cleaning, invigorating bath and full blowout and brush out. Cat grooms vary in price depending on the size of the cat and condition of the coat. Be sure to set up a free consultation with one of our professional stylists!


Services you don't necessarily need an appointment for

  • Nail trims/Nail buffing - We perform nail trims not only for dogs and cats, but as well as small animals and birds. Nail buffing is only for dogs; it's to get the nail the shortest and to smooth out the rough edges.

  • Anal gland expression - It's important for your pet to express these because built up fluid can lead to infection or a ruptured gland. That means expensive vet costs!

  • Ear cleaningWe pluck the ear hair if necessary so moisture doesn't get trapped in the ear canal that could lead to an ear infection or yeast infection. We also clean out the canal with an ear cleaner.

  • Paw Balm - Protect your dogs feet and keep them from cracking or drying out. Great all year round!

  • Teeth brushing - We brush your dogs teeth with a pet safe tooth paste and follow through with a protective dental spritz.

  • Face, Feet and Fanny Trim - A nice trim for the, well... face, feet and fanny. Just cleaning up the essentials.

  • 15 minute Brush outA quick brush out to help you maintain your pets beautiful coat and to keep those pesky mats away. 


Because we all deserve a little extra

  • Hair coloring - Looking for some fun color? Our dyes are completely pet safe and vegan! We still evaluate each pet before we do any hair coloring services, so a grooming appointment beforehand is necessary to get to know the pet.

  • Nail polish/bling - Get your dogs nails painted and add some matching rhinestones or glitter to them! 

  • De-skunkWe have a special formula which will take care of that skunky pet.

  • Flea removal - We use an all natural flea shampoo to rid your pet of fleas. Fleas can cause hair loss and other skin problems for your pet. They also can carry tapeworm eggs which can be transferred to your pet.



Prices are subject to change. Please consult with our professional stylists to get exact price quotes. Consultations are always free!


Face, Feet and Fanny Trim | 

Nail Trim/Nail Buff |

Anal Gland Expression |

Teeth Brushing |

15 Minute Brush out |

Paw Balm |

Ear Cleaning |









Dog Baths |

Dog Haircuts |

Cat Baths |

Mini Make-over |

Puppy/Kitten bath |

Starts at $35

Starts at $55

Starts at $65




Hair Coloring |

Nail Polish/Bling |

Paw Balm |

De-matting |

De-skunk |

Flea Removal |

Starts at $20/hour









126 S Walnut St. Reedsburg, WI 53959




Mon: 8:30 am - 4 pm

Tues - Fri: 8:30 am - 5 pm

Sat - Sun: CLOSED

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Endless Pawsabilities was created in 2019 with the goal to spread love to pets and knowledge to pet owners. We strive to deliver the best care to your pet and to help you be the best pet parent you can be. In our salon every pet is just as important as our own and will be treated as such. We use only the best products in the industry and keep our staff trained on the latest safety measures and grooming trends. Grooming with us is more than just an occupation, it's a lifestyle and a family.

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