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My over 100lb chicken dog was impossible for us to get in the tub. Forget about nail trims. Livy loved Shana, hugs and kisses as proof

-Jenny Ferge



so sweet, kind, and patient!! highly recommend for your high anxiety pets ❤️ -Courtney Schulte



We met Shana, December 18, 2018. We picked up Ozzie ( 9 wk standard sheep a doodle) from the breeder and headed straight to Petco to pick up everything we had ordered for our new puppy.

We met everyone in the place that I had planned on using for Ozzie, their trainer and their groomer. Ozzie fell in love with Shana instantly (I believe she fell for him too)!

One day Shana had a accident and was off work for a while so we had to find a different groomer. Not as easy a task as one would believe! We have used 5 different groomers right in our own community alone and poor Ozzie has suffered from bleeding paws to bloody ears from being cut to close. Apparently, doodles are a little bit different to groom than other dogs because they have a crazy combinations of hair/fur.

Shana’s back...... Ozzie and I were soooo excited only to find out out she was leaving again, but this time to open her own business. We were disappointed all over again and now on a mission to find another groomer! Poor Ozzie has been through grooming hell and I really am not being a picky owner. I am telling the truth!

So one day I was cleaning out my purse and found a card with Shana’s name and a hand written phone number, I thought what the hell and called it. It was Shana’s personal number! I was so excited and asked if we could make an appointment at her new facility the answer was “YES”! 

Upside, Ozzie saw Shana and is once again happy, handsome and most importantly not hurting! Downside, the new facility is 2 1/2 hours away. Who care’s NOT ME!

I will make that drive as often as needed for my fur baby.


I have recommended Shana to everyone I know who has a fur baby they love.

In my opinion and experience with truly a dozen different groomer’s, Shana is the best we have ever met and I am so happy we found her again!

Thanks for giving us peace of mind again Shana!

Sue Turowski  (Grafton, WI)



Both of our boys,Thor and Loki,small neurotic lovable creatures that they are, absolutely love Shanna. She left the Petco near us and it has taken us this long to find her ☺️ We haven't been to see her yet but now that we know where she is we will be making that drive just to see her😊 Our boys were always calm, content and even more gorgeous after seeing her. Can't wait. -Pam Boldt


Shawna is fabulous and our dogs hair cut was top notch!! Thank you! - Sarah Droste


I could gush for an embarrassingly long time about Shana, mostly because my fur baby was so happy when we picked him up. Sure he wanted to go for a walk for a potty break. But I think he was truly happy and comfortable being there, compared to being a little jittery when I left. -Elissa Thurber


Shana and the team are amazing!! We camp with our wirehair all summer and she gets filthy. I drop her off there and in about an hour and a half she comes out clean fluffy and happy. Plus they brush her teeth and do her nails. I wouldn't take her to another place. I do not write reviews often but they certainly deserve it. Highly recommend them. -Rob Lucas

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